Charities Logistics


Clearing and Forwarding - Imports

If you are importing, we are the people you should talk to. Whether the goods are local to Kenya or in transit to the neighbouring countries, we will handle all Document preparation, Customs Clearance, arrange for insurance and in the case of local motor vehicles, register them with the Registrar of Motor Vehicles. Whether you are importing one car or many, loose cargo or containers, we are big enough to take care of all your needsand small enough to give you personalized services.
For a list of documents required during importation, please click here .


Clearing and Forwarding - Exports

Backed by years of experience in the export of agricultural produce, we have vast experience in this area. We will arrange for every aspect of your goods from documentation and acquisition of Certificate of origin from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to the Haulage of goods to the point of exit.
For a list of documents required for Exportation, please click here .


Arranged Vehicle Imports

We search, identify and arrange for shipment of Japanese used vehicles based on clients' specifications. We have extensive experience in this area and have over the years come to identify a short-list of reliable and honest Japanese and Singaporean vehicle exporters. This approach involves the client every step of the way. It has, over time, proven very cost-effective for our clients than other methods of acquiring a vehicle. While dealer will give you costing based on CIF Mombasa, we are able to approximate costing including Customs Duty, KPA Port charges and Vehicle Registration before an order is placed. Click here to request a quotation on arranged vehicle import.



We undertake transport either as a service by itself or as part of Import and/or Export. We will organize for inland haulage to and from Nairobi and upcountry if the goods are local and transportation to and from the neighbouring countries of Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Sudan and the Congo if the goods are in Transit.



We offer secure storage and warehousing facilities at strategic locations throughout the country.
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Consolidation and palletizing

Packing, palletizing and marking of cargo for shipment is usually done as part of export but can also be offered separately. Our rates are most competitive.
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